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Strapline, Vision & Values

As with any successful business, ET Payroll is founded upon a pre-defined and deliberately considered set of values which articulate how the company operates. These values are integral to all facets of the company's commercial proposition and serve as a framework of behaviours and expectations for all stakeholders. Given the chequered reputation of the umbrella payroll sector, these values are particularly valid as they differentiate ET Payroll from any non-compliant and discredited competitors.

Created in conjunction with the company's values, the 'Valuing Contractors' strapline was devised to clearly signpost the core purpose of the business, namely, to prioritise the professional wellbeing of our contractors and to add genuine value to these relationships. It is too often forgotten that the temporary recruitment and payroll sectors are wholly reliant upon the endeavours of hard-working contractors who actually generate the flow of monies on which the supply chain depends.

The combination of our values and strapline is manifest in our company vision to be established as one of the leading and most compliant payroll companies in the UK. All three facets of the company offering are realised via our service levels, professional performance and staff conduct.


Although not officially regulated by Government, the payroll sector is often subject to scrutiny by wider legislative bodies, employee organisations and the media. We are acutely aware that our payroll provision falls under the banner of the financial services industry and that we are responsible for managing and processing income streams from the assignment-based recruitment sector.

With this in mind, transparency is a vital component of our business offering and one that lies at the heart of all our commercial activities. Being open and honest will all our stakeholders not only build trust but also protects all parties from unforeseen financial liabilities, the risk of debt transfer or any protentional reputational damage. Transparency is integral to the services provided by ET Payroll.


Never losing sight of our client and customer base is another key facet of the ET Payroll ethos. We have deliberately created contractor support and business relationship teams specifically to maintain communication with all our customers and to encourage dialogue between all entities. Our staff are trained and encouraged to spend time talking to customers both to help them with queries or to simply be a friendly voice on the end of the phone.

Strategically, this commitment to being approachable is demonstrated by our annual Contractor and Agency Satisfaction Surveys, where both workers and agency staff are given the opportunity to provide feedback on suggestions with regard to our commercial performance. Many of these suggestions have been implemented into our company procedures which highlight the value of being approachable by default.


No longer a 'nice to have' being able to prove your compliance credentials is an absolute prerequisite with the current contractor payroll landscape. Historically, less than compliant practices were almost synonymous with the umbrella payroll sector on account of unscrupulous providers taking advantage of an unregulated industry devoid of checks and balances. Sadly, the sector as a whole has been tarnished by their shameful practices ever since.

Thankfully, tightened employment legislation and the emergence of various trade bodies have cleaned up the industry and provided clients with a recognisable set of criteria by which to distinguish between the good and the bad. ET Payroll sits squarely in the former category.


Creating a genuinely caring philosophy is a fundamental facet of ET Payroll, both internally and externally. In terms of recruitment and staff retention, it is essential to offer an inspiring and sympathetic environment in which our people can develop their professional careers whilst enjoying harmonious and fulfilling lifestyles. Our core company values are documented within our human resources literature and instilled across all teams and locations.

This caring ethos naturally extends to all our stakeholders, be they contractors, agency clients, suppliers or third-party entities with whom we engage. Deliberately devised as an antidote to the depersonalised services provided by many of our competitors, implementing a caring attitude has contributed to building customer loyalty, respect and trust among all our stakeholders.


ET Payroll is a commercial organisation which endeavours to create wealth, value and opportunity for all entities which rely upon the organisation. We encourage our staff to contribute ideas to help both themselves and the company improve and grow. Training programmes and accelerated personal development plans combine to create a vibrant and aspirational culture across the business.

These characteristics are also reflected in our approach to client relationships in the form of bespoke contract terms, co-branded sales and marketing support, and a willingness to collaborate on mutually beneficial promotional initiatives. This deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit has been the catalyst for numerous successful client projects and is integral to our long-term expansion plans.

Compliant Payroll
Protecting the interests of the Contractor Supply Chain

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