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Complete Suite of Payroll Options for Agencies

ET Payroll offers a full suite of outsourced payroll options to provide agencies with a ‘whole of market’ solution irrespective of the requirements of their contractors and end-user clients. We recognise that the growth and evolution of the contracting sector have given rise to an array of payroll models to accommodate the varying complexities of differing sectors, industries and employment arrangements. Our commercial proposition dictates that we provide agencies with a proverbial ‘one-stop shop’ facility to help streamline all facets of the outsourced payroll process.

Our fully accredited payroll solutions include standard umbrella, PAYE and joint employment models, plus we offer a full suite of financial and accounting services to self-employed contractors working through their own limited companies.

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Standard Umbrella

Still the most popular and straightforward payroll model in the industry, our umbrella product provides contractors with all the benefits of an employed solution, including all employment rights and statutory entitlements. By choosing ET Payroll to manage their payroll, agencies eliminate any risk or liability as we adopt the position of the contractor’s employer. Simple to administer in that agencies only have to submit their timesheets and data files on time to ensure that all their contractors are paid accurately and on time, every time.

Joint Employment Arrangements

Increasingly complex supply chain structures in a variety of sectors have fuelled the popularity of so-called Joint Employment arrangements whereby responsibilities for the contractor are shared between ET Payroll and the recruitment agency or the end-user client. Particularly prevalent in the health and social care sectors, these arrangements offer flexibility to all entities whilst giving full employment rights and entitlements to the worker.

PAYE ‘Employed’ Model

Taking the form of a payroll bureau, our PAYE model is simple to administer and provides agencies with a straightforward solution favoured by many end-user clients. Contractors are afforded full employment rights and are entitled to all statutory benefits, including sick and maternity/ paternity pay, plus a choice of holiday pay and pension options. Slightly different from the umbrella model as contractors are deemed to be ‘employed’ only for the length of their assignment contract as opposed to full-time. As with all contractors registered with ET Payroll, this solution includes a free subscription to the ET Payroll Rewards App.

Limited Company & PSC

Self-employed contractors working through their own limited company or personal service company can access a portfolio of financial and taxation services via ET Payroll. We have unrivalled experience in the self-employed contractor sector and will be delighted to assist you with aspects of your business. 

Free ET Payroll Rewards App

All contractors registered with ET Payroll are given a free subscription to an online employee benefits portal where they can access an array of money-saving discounts and special offers from a myriad of retailers and service providers. These include all major supermarkets, High Street & online shops, fashion & beauty brands, home & garden products, restaurants & cafe?s, gym & entertainment chains and wellbeing & health organisations, plus a discounted fuel card.

Compliant Payroll
Protecting the interests of the Contractor Supply Chain

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