Attract more candidates, boost contractor loyalty & minimise agency overheads when outsourcing your payroll to ET Payroll.


Grow Your Agency in Partnership with ET Payroll

When choosing ET Payroll to manage their outsourced payroll operation, recruitment agencies are given access to a suite of growth strategies designed to maximise their business potential. Working in conjunction with our Business Development Team, we will analyse your existing payroll function in order to devise a strategy which will both reduce your operational overheads and identify areas for increasing contractor numbers.

One of the primary benefits of trusting ET Payroll to run your payroll is that it will dramatically reduce your internal overheads and administrative responsibilities. Our dedicated teams will take care of every facet of the payroll process, including contractor onboarding, contracts, compliance, invoicing, RTI reporting and financial reconciliations. Outsourcing these procedures enables your staff to focus purely on servicing your clients and increasing candidate numbers.

As the partnership evolves, relationships between our respective teams strengthen and combine to provide contractors with a unified payroll service. We respect that we are acting on your agency's behalf at all times and represent your business with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Outsourcing your payroll to ET Payroll genuinely can revolutionise your bottom line.

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Reduced Operational Overheads

By its very definition, outsourcing your payroll function minimises your operational overheads and improves staff efficiency. We pride ourselves on providing a partnership-based payroll facility where we work in harmony with your existing teams to deliver an industry-leading service. Consultants benefit from far fewer contractor queries whilst the administrative burden on payroll departments is significantly reduced. The overarching commercial performance is therefore greatly enhanced as a consequence.

Co-branded Marketing Initiatives

ET Payroll encourages agency clients to take advantage of our sales and marketing capability to increase contractor retention levels and increase referrals. We have an exceptional in-house marketing team with the capability to produce email marketing campaigns, promotional literature and co-branded promotional merchandise at electrifying speed. Offered at no cost to the agency, these initiatives have proven to boost brand awareness, cement contractor loyalty and increase sales enquiries.

Seamless Contractor Migration Process

Once all processes and procedures have been implemented, we have a proven strategy for migrating bulk contractor numbers onto our systems. Using email communication and personalised follow-up calls, all your contractors are kept fully informed of the transition to ET Payroll and made aware of the additional benefits available to them. In our experience, contractors greatly appreciate the individual approach, which serves to both boost customer loyalty and encourages positive feedback.

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Protecting the interests of the Contractor Supply Chain

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