Dedicated Agency Relationship Team helps build mutually beneficial partnerships with ET Payroll.


Building Relationships with Agency Clients & Consultants

All agencies serviced by ET Payroll are assured of the highest level of support via our Business Relationship Team. Comprising a group of experienced and dedicated payroll professionals, the Business Relationship Team is dedicated to providing consultants, payroll and finance staff with pro-active support at all times.

We recognise the value of continuous communication in our relationship with agency clients, and our service extends to providing compliance and legislation updates in addition to general assistance with all facets of running payroll. This includes keeping consultants abreast of Right to Work checks and Contractor Identity guidelines, taxation adjustments and any deadline changes due to national holidays. They are also responsible for drafting agency contracts and ensuring our Service Level Agreements are maintained to the benefit of all parties.

In the course of actually running payroll, the team are constantly available to assist with timesheet uploads, data imports and to resolve any queries to ensure the whole process runs smoothly. Ensuring all agency contractors are paid correctly and on time remains the team's absolute priority, as is preserving a client's compliance position. In short, the Business Relationship Team is committed to maximising agency value from their partnership with ET Payroll.

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Agency Onboarding, Contracts & Service Level Agreements

The Business Relationship Team is responsible for onboarding our agency clients and drafting the requisite contracts and Service Level Agreements which form the foundation of our partnership going forward. They also invest the time to introduce themselves in order to develop a mutually beneficial professional understanding from the outset. The team recognise that identifying responsibilities on both sides and managing expectations are often the basis of long-term successful, and harmonious commercial relationships.

Managing the Contractor Payroll Process

Gathering and collating timesheets in preparation for payroll runs is fundamental to the Business Relationship's Team function. Working alongside payroll and finance teams to ensure that information is received in accordance with deadlines ensures that all contractors are paid accurately and on time. Throughout the process, the team is available to identify and resolve any queries in real-time to ensure payroll schedules are never delayed. The team's track record in assisting agencies and their contractors is unparalleled in the industry.

General Support & Agency Communication

In addition to their functional and operational responsibilities, the Business Relationship Team pro-actively maintain an open dialogue with all our agency clients. Highlighting and communicating changes to relevant employment legislation to agencies is a fundamental aspect of their remit, which serves to keep everyone informed and supply chains fully compliant. Positioned as the interface between our Business Development network and agency staff, the Relationship Team are instrumental in making sure the partnerships with our agencies stay on track to the commercial benefit of both parties.

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Protecting the interests of the Contractor Supply Chain

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